Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Special Message From Shannon Albinio

Dear Skateworld Supporters,

It was brought to our attention last week that Bayside Community Center has been targeted by malicious emails and most recently a hateful sign was left on their front door. While it is unknown who the responsible party is, I can only guess their reason was to get attention. I would like to make very clear that Skateworld and the Friends of Skateworld do not in any way support or condone this type of behavior. From day one, we have asked our supporters to be respectful in their comments, postings and rally signs. This type of behavior does nothing to help our cause. We have never personally attacked Bayside and do not wish any ill will towards them. I fully understand everyone’s frustration with the situation. We all want to save Skateworld. and there are proper ways in which to do this.

I would like to ask on behalf of the Friends of Skateworld that everyone please refrain from any similar messages to Bayside and its employees. Disrespectful behavior like this is not tolerated at Skateworld and won’t be tolerated with the group working so hard to keep the rink open for your continued enjoyment for years to come. We need to keep our fight to save Skateworld alive in a positive way.

I thank you for your time and your continued support of Skateworld.


Shannon Albinio
Board Member
Friends of Skateworld

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