Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Your Input Is Requested!!

In case you were unable to attend last night's "Community Workshop" event hosted by MRW, the San Diego Redevelopment Agency, and Bayside Community Center, there is still time to share your opinions! Below is a link to the handout from the workshop. Those who attended were asked to share their ideas as to what "uses" we would like to see incorporated into their proposed project. They have asked for community input, so let's give it! Whether you live in Linda Vista, or not, if you are part of the skating community, or a supporter of someone who is - then you need to let them know what you think! These agencies are making decisions that will effect us all - not just those who live in Linda Vista. Please take a few minutes and fill out the worksheet. Let your ideas be heard!

Here's the link to the Questionnaire! (Word doc)

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Friends of Skateworld
P.O. Box 711282
San Diego, CA 92171