Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Read the UnionTrib article from this morning's paper! Come to the rally today @ 6 pm!

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  1. Corruption at it's best...Ask the Redevelopment Agency if they paid off the $1.9M loan from the City to develop this area back in the 1970's...Ask them have they paid off the $3-4M accrued interest on the original loan...Ask the City, if there so hurting for funds, why haven't they collected this money? Now the City and the San Diego Redevelopment Agency are at it again by recently approving an exclusive-negotiation agreement WITHOUT input and discussion with the Residents of Linda Vista! Does the City Council, The Mayor, The Redevelopment Agency and the Developer of this exclusive-negotiated agreement really believe they can pull the wool over the eyes of San Diego Residents and tell us that they truly believe this is the right thing to do...Shut down businesses that are profitable and contribute Tax dollars back to the City? Oh...I forgot...The City doesn't know how to collect money owed them....Bring on the Grand Jury...It's time to investigate these crooks...